By Chris S. Cornell

The announcement of the hiring of a new head coach at the most storied basketball program in history would typically be cause for celebration, but the UCLA Men’s Basketball Program is simply relieved that the process is finally over. After failing to secure any of their first three choices and being blasted by the media as a “laughingstock” over the bungled search process, UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero announced Tuesday the hiring of former Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin.

Dr. George P. Linke is an executive recruiter who understands the complexities that go into the search to fill any critical leadership position. “I can certainly sympathize with the challenges faced by Guerrero,” said Linke, who specializes in retained search for behavioral health and other human services-based organizations.

“The UCLA example highlights the importance of having several strong candidates lined up for any critical position,” Linke added. “As I’ve witnessed far too many times, no job search is over until the new hire is in the door. It’s extremely important to keep the pipeline full–you never want to put all your eggs (or basketballs) in one basket.”

I’m sure the search for a new head coach has its challenges, but so does finding the right person to fill a critical leadership role at a nonprofit. “Almost nothing is as disappointing for an organization as when an offer is made to the ‘perfect’ candidate–only to have the offer declined and for the process to go back to square one,” Linke added.

Linke Resources specializes in retained search for behavioral health and other human services-based organizations. Linke and his team draw from their collective experience in behavioral health, intellectual disabilities, autism, and other developmental disabilities, and leverage their network to identify qualified local, regional, and national candidates who will advance the organization’s mission and complement its culture and needs.

“Our experience has shown that when an organization enters the ‘offer’ stage of a search with several strong candidates, as opposed to just one, the process is far more likely to conclude favorably and expeditiously,” said Linke. There are several reasons for this, the first of which is simply that with three or four strong candidates, there is a backup plan in place before the first offer is even made.”

George Linke is the Founder and President of Linke Resources. He is an executive & professional search consultant specializing in healthcare and human services. He has a demonstrated track record of placing well qualified professionals that advance the clinical and programmatic needs critical to an organization’s mission and financial health. He has extensive experience serving individuals with behavioral health needs, intellectual disabilities, autism and other developmental disabilities. To learn more about how Linke Resources can make the hiring process efficient, successful and stress-free, call 610-873-4813.