By George P. Linke, Jr., Psy.D.

About a year ago, Linke Resources was retained for a Chief Information Officer (CIO) search by a non-profit specializing in intellectual disabilities (ID), autism, and behavioral health services, shortly after the organization’s longtime CIO had announced their retirement. Losing a valued member of your team always presents some challenges, as well as opportunities. For this organization, engaging in a search for a new CIO provided the opportunity to seek a skill set that was more closely aligned with accomplishing their strategic goals for the upcoming five years with in-house talent.

At Linke Resources, a retained search is a rigorous process, and it starts with defining the search. In talking with the organization’s executive team, we realized the importance of identifying candidates with inside industry knowledge and experience with electronic medical records, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), remote learning, client data collection systems, and a strong project management skill set, as well as numerous other technologies.

An often overlooked component of search is taking steps to ensure candidates are a good fit for the culture of the hiring organization. In addition to having the skills and experience necessary to perform the job, a good candidate must be able to work effectively within an organization’s culture.

This organization’s culture was one in which leaders operated with a high level of independence. and were trusted with making high-level decisions related to their relative expertise. Further, the organization was committed to a culture of accountability and metrics to demonstrate progress towards identified goals. The executive team as a whole was perceived as a group of highly committed executives who were proficient in realizing strategic objectives and working well together. Though there was certainly camaraderie within the group, this team got things done. Therefore, Linke Resources perceived their corporate culture as an attractive one, in that the identified candidate would have the opportunity to make change in an efficient manner while working within a small and highly committed team of executives.

Linke Resources was able to use its extensive network to attract many excellent candidates for this search. Our deep understanding of the ID, autism and behavioral health field, as well as its financial climate, clinical models and unique needs, all worked in our favor as we looked for the right person to take this organization’s technology to the next level. As is typically the case, many of the best candidates were not actively looking for a new position, but Linke Resources’ network allowed us to locate many highly qualified ‘passive’ candidates.

For this retained search, Linke Resources conducted interviews at the organization’s workplace. More than a dozen candidates were interviewed and screened before recommendations were made.

The organization made a successful hire, and has been extremely pleased with the results—so much so that they’ve since used Linke Resources multiple time afterwards.

George Linke is the Founder and President of Linke Resources. He is an executive & professional search consultant specializing in healthcare and human services. He has a demonstrated track record of placing well qualified professionals that advance the clinical and programmatic needs critical to an organization’s mission and financial health. He has extensive experience serving individuals with behavioral health needs, intellectual disabilities, autism and other developmental disabilities. To learn more about how Linke Resources can make the hiring process efficient, successful and stress-free, call 610-873-4813.