By George P. Linke, Jr., Psy.D.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a recruiting solution in which an organization delegates all or part of the ongoing recruiting process to an external provider.

Many companies and organizations attempt to handle their staffing needs in-house, but frequently become overwhelmed by greater than normal workloads for a variety of reasons, including new programs or start-ups; seasonal fluctuations; company growth; or higher than expected turnover.

Linke Resources’ outsourced recruitment solutions can supplement your organization’s current resources and provide the help your organization needs, when it needs it. Linke Resources can design a solution that will allow you to focus on your core business while placing your staffing needs in the hands of experienced recruitment specialists. 

Linke Resources specializes in the unique needs of human service organizations, and is able to leverage its vast experience in the areas of intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism, brain injury and other genetic and neurological disorders. 

We not only have the expertise needed to effectively source and screen quality applicants, but our total outsourced recruitment solutions allow your team to focus on your core business while placing your staffing needs in the hands of experienced recruitment specialists.

Linke Resources will:

  • Effectively advertise your job opportunities.
  • Understand your organization’s culture, and source candidates that will fit well within that culture.
  • Thoroughly screen and vet candidates, referring only high caliber candidates. 
  • Schedule and coordinate interviews with hiring managers.
  • Keep the candidate pipeline full, allowing you to operate proactively, rather than reactively.
  • Conduct background checks, validate educational background and professional credentials, and obtain employment references.
  • Coordinate the new hire on-boarding process.

The benefits of Linke Resources’ total outsourced recruitment solution can include:

  • Reduced cost per hire compared with in-house solutions (Linke Resources absorbs all costs related to the recruitment process which includes advertising jobs, sourcing applicants, conducting employment reference checks as well as all the technology required to get the job done).
  • Reduced vacancy rates which can reduce overtime costs and employee burnout as well as generate revenue in positions that were previously vacant.
  • Coordinated recruitment and on-boarding process, providing a comfortable and professional experience for both candidates and new hires.
  • Increased retention rates for new hires, saving your organization the significant costs associated with high turnover.

George Linke is the Founder and President of Linke Resources. He is an executive & professional search consultant specializing in healthcare and human services. He has a demonstrated track record of placing well qualified professionals that advance the clinical and programmatic needs critical to an organization’s mission and financial health. He has extensive experience serving individuals with behavioral health needs, intellectual disabilities, autism and other developmental disabilities. To learn more about how Linke Resources can make the hiring process efficient, successful and stress-free, call 610-873-4813.