By: George P. Linke, Jr,. Psy.D. and Shlomo Z. Satt

Friday has arrived, and you’re probably looking forward to a weekend of recuperation and relaxation. However, so many of us end up even more tired after the weekend! There have even been several articles explaining why Mondays seem so tiring, like this piece by Vox. In order to avoid the “Monday blues” and to feel a great sense of fulfillment from your weekend, here are 7 key tips.

  1. Set Your Alarm: There have been clinical studies documenting the effects of a delayed sleep schedule over the weekend, such as this study published by Psychology & Health Journal. The results found that a significant delay in sleep schedule over the weekend contributed greatly to the “Monday Blues.” While it may be tempting to sleep in, a good compromise is to set your alarm one hour later than usual. That may delay your sleep cycle slightly, but not enough to have a great effect on your Monday.
  2. Make Sunday Night Enjoyable: Often, we “dread” returning to work because we feel the weekend was too short. One great way to extend the experience of the weekend is to plan something stimulating for Sunday night. Although you may not want to stay out too late, there are plenty of available options that can still ensure you get a good night’s sleep, such as a paint night or even just going out for dinner.
  3. Unplug: Being constantly connected gives our brain less time to relax and get re-energized. Consider muting your phone for a few hours each day of the weekend to ensure maximum energy renewal. While you’re at it, consider some non-electronic forms of entertainment, such as reading a book or spending time outdoors.
  4. Avoid Work, but Be Productive: Elements of Living perfectly encapsulates this principle. “While you shouldn’t be bringing office work home, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do work around the house. Not doing your laundry, stocking the pantry or mowing the lawn may actually leave you more stressed on Monday, so pencil in a few hours over the weekend to do some basic chores.” Leaving work to the work week can be an effective tool for maximizing your weekend, but productivity will give you a greater sense of a meaningful weekend. Take some time to do chores or tasks that you have been putting off.
  5. Spend Time with Family and Friends: A simple search on Google Scholar for “benefits of social interaction” reveals around 4 million results. The amount of research that has been done is staggering. In fact, The National Institute of Aging published a study finding that social interaction is linked to a decrease in age-related disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disorder. Conversely, loneliness is commonly associated with depression and even high blood pressure, in adults. If you don’t get much time to be with loved ones during the week, utilize the weekend! Taking time to be with friends and family is not only good for your health, it can also enrich your weekend experience.

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George Linke is the Founder and President of Linke Resources. He is an executive & professional search consultant specializing in healthcare and human services. He has a demonstrated track record of placing well qualified professionals that advance the clinical and programmatic needs critical to an organization’s mission and financial health. He has extensive experience serving individuals with behavioral health needs, intellectual disabilities, autism and other developmental disabilities. To learn more about how Linke Resources can make the hiring process efficient, successful and stress-free, call 610-873-4813.