By Shlomo Satt

LinkedIn has taken the world by storm. Throughout 2019, LinkedIn had an astonishing 303 million active monthly users, 40% of whom visited daily. Additionally, around 77% of recruiters utilize the online social network (per Jobvite). With so much traffic being devoted to the network, it is important to update and maintain your presence on the site. What are some key tips for a successful LinkedIn profile?

  1. Make Sure Your Profile Picture Is Professional: Too many people confuse LinkedIn for other social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, where it is appropriate to have a casual photo. Alison Doyle, an online content creator, says Make sure the picture represents the ‘professional you, as opposed to the casual you.’ LinkedIn isn’t the place to show off your dog or significant other.” In addition to showcasing a professional photo for your main profile picture, consider branding your background photo with a company logo. This will immediately inform your connections what your current affiliation is and it can be used to market an organization or company.
  2. Devote Time In Creating Your Summary: Your LinkedIn profile summary is the few sentences (2,000 character max) that appears directly below your profile picture. It can be viewed as the introduction to your LinkedIn profile, similar to an opening paragraph of a resume. If the information there isn’t concise and doesn’t include engaging language, people may pass over your profile quickly, before scrolling down to look at the rest of your profile. LinkedIn expert Radina Nedyalkova says that you can also include future goals in your summary. “Highlighting future goals can also ensure that your profile shows up in searches related to your dream position.”
  3. Be Specific in The “Experience” Section: The Experience section of LinkedIn is where your professional history and current occupation is listed. Firstly, only include relevant experience, says If you had experience in a field unrelated to your current profession, or if you want to change directions in your career path, consider condensing your experience section. Once you have your relevant experience included, take time to write about your successes in each role. Simply writing your responsibilities doesn’t inform your network (or recruiters) that you succeeded in those roles. If you have, include data to bolster your experience, such as “Increased new contracts by 10% over a 3-year period.”
  4. Include Your Relevant Skills: Too many times people skip over the “Skills” section towards the end of the profile page, because they believe that people don’t view it. Personally, I have done that in the past. I re-included my skill set because I realized at worst, it did no harm. Thankfully I did that, as my latest position, Communications Manager for Linke Resources, LLC, was directly because I had included my skills. As our Founder and President, George Linke, Jr., says: The “Skills” section on LinkedIn is one of the most viewed profile elements when performing an executive search. If potential employees do not have the necessary skills included, they are at risk of being passed over.
  5. Look to What Others Have Done Successfully: This tip may seem unorthodox, but if you find another person to have an engaging profile, chances are you are not the only one who feels that way. Identify what you find interesting and see if you can apply it. It may be a unique background image or even a great keyword that you forgot to use, says Investing time in creating a high-quality LinkedIn profile can lead the way to great opportunities down the road.

What are some tips you can provide for bolstering a LinkedIn profile? Have you ever hired someone because they had a great profile? Join the conversation here.

Shlomo Satt is the Communications Manager for Linke Resources, LLC. Linke Resources has a demonstrated track record of placing well qualified professionals that advance the clinical and programmatic needs critical to an organization’s mission and financial health. Linke Resources has extensive experience serving organizations that provide service to people with behavioral health needs, intellectual disabilities, autism and various types of developmental disabilities. To learn more about how Linke Resources can make the hiring process efficient, successful and stress-free, call 610-873-4813.