With a broad and deep background in operations and program development, Linke Resources provides expert clinical and operational consultative services. We can help restructure your leadership team, design and build new programs from the ground up.

Whether you are looking to diversify your funding profile, maximize reimbursement, strengthen clinical capacity, broaden programs and services or add talent to your leadership team, Linke Resources is poised to develop operational plans and tactical solutions to achieve strategic initiatives as well as find the necessary human capital to achieve success.

With a commitment to evidence-based practice and financial viability, Linke Resources prioritizes what is important, finds the right people to serve the identified needs and continues to provide consultative and placement services for your organization to achieve its next steps.

Areas of Service

Organizational restructure and design

Program viability & budget analysis

Facilitation of strategic planning process

Development of a quality improvement initiatives and plan

Project management, including large-scale capital projects

HR tactical solutions and best practice

Board development

Assessment of regulatory compliance

Development of performance-based training programs

Evaluation of clinical effectiveness,
operational efficiency, and financial health

Development of data models to
inform clinical and operational practice