Outsourced Recruiting Solutions

Linke Resources is well positioned to fulfill all of your recruitment needs.  Our total outsourced recruitment solutions allow you to focus on your core business while placing your staffing needs in the hands of experienced recruitment specialists.  Our recruitment specialists not only have the expertise needed to effectively source and screen quality applicants, but understand the unique needs of mission-based and human services organizations.

Linke Resources will:

  • Effectively advertise your job opportunities.
  • Thoroughly screen and vet candidates, referring only high caliber candidates to your organization.
  • Schedule and coordinate interviews with hiring managers.
  • Conduct background checks, validate educational background and professional credentials and obtain employment references.
  • Coordinate the new hire onboarding process.

The benefits of Linke Resources’ total outsourced recruitment solution include:

  • Reduced cost per hire than in-house solutions (Linke Resources absorbs all costs related to the recruitment process which includes advertising jobs, sourcing applicants, conducting background screening and employment reference checks and applicant tracking and other recruiting technology).
  • Expert screening and vetting of candidates, resulting in a higher caliber of new hires.
  • Reduced vacancy rates which can reduce overtime costs and employee burnout.
  • A coordinated recruitment and onboarding process, providing a comfortable and professional experience for both candidates and new hires.
  • Increased retention rates for new hires, saving your organization the significant costs associated with high turnover.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we may be able to help you achieve your recruitment goals.