We are a search firm with an expertise in nonprofit executive and professional search across a variety of sectors, including behavioral and traditional healthcare, developmental disabilities, long-term care, and education.

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Linke Resources specialize in direct hires for employees at all levels of the organization, from nursing staff, middle management, C-Suite, and a variety of other direct service and leadership positions.

Our team will find, pre-screen, and interview candidates to ensure your time is spent speaking to the right applicants.

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George P. Linke, Jr., Psy.D.

Founder & President

As the President and Founder of Linke Resources, Dr. George P. Linke, Jr. brings over 25 years of nonprofit leadership to his client organizations and the executive and professional search process.  A strategic and innovative leader, Dr. Linke has a proven track record of identifying effective leaders in behavioral health, long-term care, and education that contribute to an organization’s mission and financial health.

Dr. Linke has dedicated his career to children and adults with learning difficulties and a full range of intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism, brain injury, and other genetic and neurological disorders. With an extensive operational and clinical background, he has successfully directed and developed programs that focus on the needs of individuals with behavioral health needs and complex medical and behavior disorders.

Dr. Linke holds his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Seton Hall University and holds both his Master of Science and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Long Island University. He completed his pre-doctoral internship at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Kennedy Krieger Institute.


It is rare that you work with someone as focused, perceptive, and determined as George Linke. I’ve had the pleasure of working with George for the past two years, during which time Linke Resources provided consulting services for REED Next and conducted a successful executive search for a position critical to the success of our organization. George has become a trusted mentor and advisor. His extensive knowledge of behavioral health, intellectual disabilities and autism, combined with his experience and skill in executive search, have made him extremely valuable to REED Next. I would strongly recommend George and Linke Resources to any behavioral health or human services-based organization looking to attract top talent who will excel in their company’s culture.

Jill Nadison

Board Member, REED Foundation for Autism

Over my twenty-five-year career, I have encountered many recruiters and mostly felt that I was simply a number to them. Many recruiters had very little interest in my career goals, values, and needs. Working with Linke Resources was quite different! We spent time reviewing my professional experience to assess my skillset and fit for positions. However, we also discussed my values, mission, purpose, career goals, and ideal work environment. I felt like I was being heard versus just being placed! Our discussions helped Linke Resources truly understand me and match me to an incredibly unique organization with values directly aligned with mine. I moved through the interview process while being completely supported through each step by Linke Resources. The process was honest, organic, and transparent from start to finish. I was offered and accepted a dream position with the organization that is truly ideal for me. I would not have found such a position without the support of Linke Resources. For that I am incredibly thankful!

Verné Freeman

“It’s the people in key leadership roles that are ultimately responsible for the success, or failure, of your organization. In fact, the most important decisions you will make are those related to who you hire to fill these positions.”


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