Executive & Professional Search

The success of your organization is directly correlated to its skill in hiring the right people for its key leadership positions. Who you hire will determine whether or not your organization succeeds in setting and achieving its objectives. Linke Resources helps organizations locate and hire the superstars who can do just that.

Executive and professional search is Linke Resources’ primary area of service. Our inside industry knowledge of behavioral and traditional healthcare, developmental disabilities, education, and other human services-based organizations provides us with the critical knowledge to identify candidates who will excel in your company culture.

Many of the best candidates for critical positions are currently employed and may not actively be looking for a new position. Retained search leverages our extensive network and identifies candidates who are true leaders.

With our in-depth knowledge of clinical and operational processes, Linke Resources is positioned is to ask the right questions and vet candidates well!

Our Process

  1. Analyze organizational challenges, culture, and required skills.
  2. Define a successful hire and develop a job profile.
  3. Identify potential candidates through creative sourcing.
  4. Candidate evaluation.
  5. Present qualified candidates.
  6. Conduct reference checks and negotiate job offer.
  7. Provide follow-up and support.